Rush Story #2

Hope these posts have been helpful to you in preparing for rush! It can be a very emotional and difficult time. Most people don’t realize how hard it can be. Recruitment numbers have been growing each year, and houses can only fit so many girls so they do have to make cuts! Just remember, it is not personal! You will end up where you are supposed to end up. If by the end of the week you are only left with houses you aren’t very interested in, then don’t settle! Do spring recruitment and try it again. If you got dropped during rush week, don’t be upset because you can always rush again or you might even receive a snap bid!

This is one kinda crazy rush week story that happened. How it works at UA, is that if a girl has been dropped by all of the houses her Rho Chi (group leader) calls her the next morning to break the news. This way she doesn’t have to show up and find out in front of everyone she was dropped. However, this situation went a little awry when it happened for Skits. A Rho Chi called a girl and told her that she had been dropped, and clearly the girl was very upset. However, that Rho Chi made a mistake and called the wrong girl!! So the girl that actually got dropped showed up to Sorority Row, and they had to pull her aside and explain they didn’t have a schedule because all of the houses dropped her. She immediately started crying and had to walk all the way through Sorority Row balling her eyes out (poor thing!) So then the Rho Chi had to call the girl she called earlier that morning and explain she did have parties to attend for Skit Round. Of course, she called 15 min before the first party started. They had to rearrange all of the girl’s parties so she could actually get ready for them. In the end everything got straightened out, but just remember that if you are cut it’s not the end of the world! There are hundreds of clubs and activities to be a part of, plus you can always try again. Don’t cry over getting dropped from a house because in the end it’s their loss!

 To be honest, I got cut from some of my top houses and I was upset at first. Then, I realized I wanted people who wanted me, so I stayed focus on my next houses. Of course to combat my disappointment I used a little retail therapy! I went to Kinnucan’s, which is an absolutely amazing store with tons of southern brand items like Southern Shirt Company, Lauren James, Southern Marsh, Fraternity Collection, and so many more! I got the Collegiate tee from Southern Marsh pictured at the bottom! I love all of these brands, but my absolute favorite brand is Vineyard Vines! I have a problem shopping at that store…I want it all. So, if you’re ever feeling stressed go shopping or look to Ben and Jerry (or in my case, Shep and Ian!)

Roll Tide! 


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