It’s the day every girl going through recruitment has been waiting for!! Today is the day where you find out which house you will be in. I am a Gamma Phi Beta!!! I was so happy to run from the football stadium to my new house. It’s absolutely crazy in Tuscaloosa. There are friends and family, media, and even just spectators who come out to see the event. The streets are blocked off so that all the girls can run to their houses.

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Frat boys even buy flowers for the day to give to different girls if they want. Some guy came up and talked to me and gave me a rose, but he wasn’t that attractive so does it really count? A couple other girls around me didn’t get one so I gave it to them.

At UA, you run to your house and find an active who is holding your name on a sign. She welcomes you and gives you a tote bag with a jersey with your sorority letters on it, a tank, sunglasses, a button, and cups! However, I never found my girl!! Talk about awkward…so 2 actives came and took me with them.

Then, you have brunch with your sorority house and any family members that came. However, all the girls I was with didn’t have family there so we went back to some upperclassmen’s apartment and partied there for a little bit and then grabbed some Chick-fil-a. (sooooooo good!)After bid day, the houses all go on different retreats. Gamma Phi Beta went to Birmingham, stayed at a hotel, and went shopping, swimming, and had tons of fun! We had a twerk session, danced to gas pedal, and did a bunch of other cool things. I actually loved staying in a hotel compared to my dorm. Bid Day was sooo much fun, and it definitely made the week worth it. Even better, I found out some of the girls I became good friends with during the week were in my sorority! 

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No matter where you end up, you’ll find a great group of girls.

That’s all I have for the Rush Diaries, but I’ll be doing more guest posting later on in the year!

Roll Tide! 


Round 4: Preference Day

Round 4: Preference Day