Round 3: Skits

Not all schools have this round, but since UA has the largest recruitment in the nation we need many rounds to make cuts. This is usually the round where girls start to get dropped completely or get very few houses, so don’t be worried at all if you only have 3 or so houses left!

 Skits are the fanciest days so far. Wear wedges and a nice dress, something kind of like what you would wear to a graduation or a nice dinner. Definitely bring a pair of sandals or comfortable shoes to wear when walking between houses! You might even need to pack a couple Band-Aids for blisters on your feet. This is day is super fun, probably the best day of rush. Each sorority puts on a skit that shows the personality of the house: their kind of humor, what they think is important etc. After the skit, you talk to a couple more girls from the house. It’s so much fun, and really laid back. A lot of girls become stressed about this round because they feel like it’s a lot of pressure, but do not worry!!!

Make sure you put your best foot forward on Skit Day because it will be your last day to talk to the girls of the house! Preference Day is completely silent…but I’ll talk more about that on a later post.

Skit Day is usually when you start to find the house you could actually see yourself in. Your options have been narrowed down, and you start to see the house you feel like you could be yourself in. If your top house isn’t in this round, then it wasn’t meant to be. I know that is easier advice to give than to receive, but you want a house that wants you! You might be surprised at what other sororities have to offer you when you look a little deeper. I hope y’all have a blast as rush week begins to come to a close!

Roll Tide! 



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