Rush Story # 1

Today I just wanted to share with y’all some of the crazy stuff that’s happened during rush! I have one story for today, and I'll be posting another one later this week.

One night my group didn’t get out of voting until 9pm! We were starving because we hadn’t eaten since noon. Another girl and I decided we needed food immediately. Dining halls were closed and we needed more than some goldfish back at the room to satisfy our hunger. So we set out to get Chipotle because that sounded amazing. I don’t know about y’all but I absolutely love Chipotle. My favorite vine is of the little boy who says “Oh my gosh I love Chipotle…Chipotle  is my life” because that’s literally me.

Since it was only our 2nd day on campus we didn’t know where anything was, and Chipotle is off campus but still by. So I used Google Maps and it said it was 2 miles away so we start walking. I was so exhausted I just wanted to hurry up and get there and we walk about 1.5 miles and the directions tell us to take a left on to the highway. First we’re like oh my gosh we must’ve used driving directions, but we checked and we selected walking directions. So now we are just totally confused like girl what just happened…we are so confused and tired and hungry.

We realized that there are 2 Chipotles off campus about the same distance apart in opposite directions and we were going to the wrong one. So the other girl and I were like we refuse to accept this. It was now 9:30 and then as we walked back towards the quad we saw a sign for a free campus car service running 24 hours. So we call the number and the van comes, and it drives us to Chipotle. We get there and they are out of chips, rice, and salsa. I’m like what is this…I know I didn’t just spend the last 45 min of my life trying to get here and I can’t even get a proper burrito bowl. So I had black beans, chicken, cheese, and sour cream.

We quickly go back outside to get in the van and it left us!!! So we had to walk back to our dorm, which was 20 min away, at 10 pm in muggy weather after we had been up since 7am. I finally got back to my dorm at 10:30, went in my room, closed the door and just sat on the ground and ate my chipotle. I was so sore and tired and hungry that I literally didn’t have the energy to move past the door.

Rush Lesson #1: definitely make sure you pack snacks and drinks, or at least make sure you know where you’re going lol…

Roll Tide!


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