Round 2: Philanthropy

I hope y’all enjoyed my tips and overview about open house (also called ice water teas)! I was so exhausted after of these days that I went back to the dorm, took a shower, ate dinner, and watched a movie with my roommate!

During the Open House round I visited all 16 sororities, but for Philanthropy I could only visit a maximum of 12. I had to list my bottom 4 choices in order from 1, being the sorority I wouldn’t mind going back and seeing again, and number 4, being the sorority I liked the very least out of all the sororities.

Then, the different sorority houses will say whether they want you back or not. If the sorority wants you back then you will get an invite to their house. However, if they don’t want you then you can’t see their house again. Sometimes a house in your bottom 4 might have liked you but you didn’t like them. If a house in your top 12 didn’t give you an invitation, then a house in your bottom 4 can move up to give you an extra party spot.

If you get invited back to a house you don’t like, go anyways! During the Philanthropy round is when you start to see the personality of the houses. It is considered rude to not go to a party you were invited to, plus you don’t want to limit your options. I got an invite from a house that was in my bottom 4 and I still went to the party and liked it a lot more!

*Note that to receive an invitation to the maximum number of parties each round is very unusual. Some girls received 2,4,6,9, and so on! Don't stress if you don't get the max.

For Philanthropy days most colleges will provide t-shirts for you to wear. Pictured below are the t-shirts I am wearing this year! It feels so good to finally be out of nice clothes all day every day and just wear a t-shirt and shorts. Shorts for this round should remain nice. Stay away from jean shorts and don’t wear short shorts. You should still be wearing sandals for this round. No Chacos or sneakers!

During these days you have to wait around if you don’t have a party during a specific time slot. Bring at least 2 or 3 snacks, 2 drinks, and a blanket or towel to sit on along with all the stuff I talked about yesterday!

If you have any questions about anything I am posting, or any questions feel free to comment! I’ll do the best I can to answer everything.

Roll Tide! 


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